Monday, November 24, 2008


today i'm thankful for good health. i feel crummy today. and sometimes it takes being sick to truely appreciate how blessed we are to feel well the majority of the time. so, i am hoping that good health returns soon. in the meantime, i'll enjoy the quiet while max is at school and luke is napping. it's not going to last much longer.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


i am thankful for joy. and today is her 10 year anniversary. happy anniversary!
i have known joy for ages. literally. we've been through 25+ years together. although she now lives across the country, i still appreciate all that her friendship gives to me. i especially am thankful for her example. she has had some tough trials. and has always come out on top, taking the higher road, learning the lessons being taught and sharing herself with others. she is so so so patient. and i am so so so not patient. when i was back in new york for a few days after eliza was born, i was trying so hard to learn from joy. watch her interaction with her kids and how she remained calm during even the most chaotic moments. joy just goes with the flow. and flows gracefully. i love you, joy. happy 10th. thank you for being my friend. still.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

my boys

i'm thankful for my boys. aren't they handsome?

here is max's kindergarten picture. for some reason i think he looks so old. max is a lot like me. stubborn. i think he's brilliant. and funny. and payback for all i did to my mom. not that that is all bad. i love him and can see the amazing potential this kid has.

and luke had something going on with his tongue this day. here he is on his 2nd birthday...what a kid. like i've said before, luke is random. always something new. strange most of the time. most recently he is insistent on which legos he is carrying around, and heaven forbid a piece comes off and i try and put it back on in the wrong place. oh my. his world is turned upside down. luke is so gentle. and forgiving...even so young. he often stops whatever he is doing to come give me a hug. and if max hurts him, he just needs a quick love and is right back at max's side, copying everything big brother does.

and jake's first junior high picture. now, he really is getting old! jake is so sensitive to others. when he gets to come to our house the first thing he does is find his little brothers and give them a huge hug. he is also the one male in our house that NEVER fails to notice a change in my hair or new clothes or new picture on the wall. jake always notices and compliments.

these boys are fabulous and i am lucky enough to be a part of their lives.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my thankful posts have been slacking these past few days. i'm sure none of you have missed them terribly. but i have. in fact, the whole purpose for recording something each day that i am grateful for is really just for me. a totally selfish purpose, i know. when the extremely early snow came mid october i was feeling a bit glum. well, more than a bit. i really don't like the cold. like, if it never snowed again i'd be ok. so, to ward off any bah humbug feelings, i decided to take a stab at focusing on the good. and it started off good. then grandpa died. amidst all the sadness, i have still tried to look for things i am grateful for, and have been surprised at how thankful i have felt these past few days. i've been more observant and reflective than usual and have been letting it all soak in...hoping to get back on track. so, thankful posts will be coming back. to help remind me all i have to be thankful for.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

making up

I'm grateful for a understanding wife that will still speak with me after I get upset with her or say things that are not very nice and shouldn't be said out of frustration. I'm grateful for the opportunity to make up later. :)

Friday, November 7, 2008


isn't the mind an amazing thing? i mean, the fact that i can remember what it was like to be in kindergarten with mrs. henderson and the really tiny bathroom stalls, or that i feel like it was just yesterday that i was sick, laying on the floor with my pink horsey blanket and marisa let me play with her my little pony and strawberry shortcake and it meant the world to me. sometimes the details are so crisp. other times it's just the feeling that is familiar. i am amazed how a smell can jog the mind and bring back an entire conversation or situation. some days i hang on my memories, hoping they can get me through whatever it is i'm dealing with. other days i want to forget some of those memories. i am thrilled we have the ability to keep memories alive. the key is to remember. looking at pictures, spending time with loved ones, talking with family. i'm spending my time remembering today. and i'm thankful i have the memories.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


life is fragile. you can be sailing along without a care in the world and the next minute your sail can fall and leave you regretting you didn't do that extra little bit of visiting, story telling, photo taking, just being. my sweet grandpa passed away today. i am sad. sad for my dad. sad for my grandma. sad that i didn't take the many opportunities to spend more time with him. today is full of regret. it is also full of lessons learned. i hope to focus on the lessons and not get caught up in the 'should haves' that i can't get out of my mind. i'll be hugging my kids a little tighter and taking the time to listen closer. i am thankful for life, and for the difficult lessons it gives me that help to make me better.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


i am thankful for freedom. i am thankful for our founding fathers who fought for this freedom so that i can raise a family how i choose. i am thankful i can choose what i want to believe. and how i live. and where i live. and who i am. and what i think. and what i say. i am thankful to those who continue to fight for my freedom. and to their families. i am thankful for freedom.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

happy birthday blog

blog is 1 year old today. who would have thought i'd really get so into this whole blog thing? it's been a fun way to capture memories - good and bad. here's to another year of sharing our lives with the world.

carving pumpkins

after picking the perfect pumpkins at the pumpkin patch (you can read about that here) we decided - ok, so I decided - when mike got home from his week away for work he could help the kids with carving. really, no explanation necessary. this once again proves that luke is a strange child. so happy he's mine.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

my vacuum sucks

...and not in the good 'i want a vacuum that really sucks up dirt' way. so, i need a new vacuum. i don't think the hoover windtunnel from 8 years ago is doing much for my carpet. except for leaving nice vacuum marks that makes me feel like it's clean. only i know it's not. so, any suggestions? what vacuum to you have and do you like it? here's one i've been looking at:

good price. and i trust costco. but really, any tips?