Wednesday, March 26, 2008

easter part 3

sunday was a fabulous day. we went to church - ALL of us together - for the first time in months. between mike being sick, luke being sick and being cautious parents of a little one, we hadn't all gone together for quite a while. lucky for me, luke decided to wake up extra early. it actually turned out to be a good thing because he took a 3 hour nap before church! yay. he was a pretty good boy, except for the fact that he was wired on easter candy. hey - it's once a year. i'll get over it.

here are some photos of the morning egg hunt in our back yard. again, luke found the candy first.

after church we headed up to mike's brother's house for a family easter feast. again, good times with cousins and great food. grandma pat was in town and had a little egg hunt for the kids.

luke loved the candy and bubbles.

each family got our own "hooey-hoop" and mike put on quite the show. he's the man and he's all mine!

we had a fabulous easter. surely great to be surrounded by friends and family, enjoy good food and remember our Savior's atonement. To be reminded of His sacrifice and to greater appreciate the blessings we have all been given.

Monday, March 24, 2008

easter part 2

saturday was a full day. we started out with an egg hunt at nana sue and papa randall's house. the boys had a grand time!! enjoy the pics.

luke figured out really quick that there were surprises inside! he's shaking this one good.

jake's on the lookout...

max loved every second of the egg hunt. he had to open each egg as it was found...and could be heard screaming..."money!" each time those quarters fell out of the egg.

even papa randall was out on the hunt! i think luke was leading though.

then it was home to put luke down for a nap and color our own eggs for the easter bunny to hide.

more to come.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

easter part 1

i know these are nothing compared to bakerella, but i thought they turned out pretty darn cute. thanks for the yummy recipe, marisa!


or baskets?

happy 7th

a while ago i was tagged by corinne and yesterday seemed like the perfect day to tackle this one. yesterday we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. and so, because yesterday has come and gone, today is the day.

1. Where did you meet your husband? i think the first time we met was probably at my mom's office. i think i was 16. his mom and my mom worked together and mike was they guy who cleaned the office at night. we probably met there. and no sparks. mike was married then. i guess the second time we really "met" was also at our mom's recently returned from my mission and mike recovering from a major motorcycle accident. this time mike was single.

2. What was the first thing you said to your husband? the first meeting, probably a shy hi. the second meeting was more like, what happened to you? (he had a cast on his arm, a huge cast on his leg and was hobbling on crutches.) don't ask him to tell his version of the story.

3. Where was your first date? a 4 hour dinner at baci. lots of talking, laughing and great food. getting me to go on that first date is quite the story. another time, i suppose.

4. Where was your first kiss? at mike's house.

5. Did you have a long or short engagement/courtship? pretty darn short! our first date was october 2nd. we got engaged on december 8th. then married on march 22nd. when it's right, it's right, right?

6. Where did you get engaged? my family had gone up to jackson hole to stay at a friend's cabin. mike came along. we were in town shopping and we went into the town square, you know, where that huge arch of antlers is? we were going to go "see the christmas lights" as mike told me. that's where he popped the question - down on his knee and all. i was shocked...seeing how we had talked about not getting engaged until after christmas. my whole family was in on his sneaky little plan. despite the surprise and shock, i of course said yes!

7. Where did you get married? the salt lake temple. it was a beautiful spring day. perfect.

8. And disasters during the special day? not that i can remember. everything was amazing. except for the fact that i didn't get any yummy dessert that we served.

9. Most special moment of your wedding day? being sealed eternally to my love. the feeling of knowing you are going to be together forever and that this is only the beginning. it is a feeling i still remember and still love.

thank you mike for 7 wonderful years. and thank you for loving me. i love you.

**if i had a copy of one of our wedding pictures i'd post it here, but i've yet to get those to my computer...maybe another day**

Friday, March 14, 2008

spring is springing

i can't wait until these greens turn into amazing yellows, reds and pinks.

my hawaiian hunter


mike's sick. sicker than he's been in a very long time. in fact, he rarely gets sick and when he does it's usually just for a few days. this has been a cold with a nasty hacking cough. i even mixed up a "home cough remedy" the other night. i'm not sure if it helped or not. he's going on day 8. yuck. here's where he's been the past week. i'm pretty sure luke had just brought him the salad tongs as a get well token.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


that springy weather? ya. it was all a big fat sick joke. mother nature doesn't have a very good sense of humor.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

bandaids are magic least they are to max. this morning he insisted on needing lots of bandaids. i gave him the box and next thing i knew - his fingers were covered. not sure what the problems was, but apparently the bandaids did the trick cuz they were off in a couple of hours. if only life were that easy...fixing anything with a magic bandaid. wouldn't it be great if you could put a bandaid over certain area of your life that need a little correction? or stick a bandaid on somebody else for a day so you could handle them? actually...this is all backwards. bandaids are temporary fixes. they make us feel better, but all they really do is cover up the wound. sure they keep dirt out, but in the end our own sores have to heal on their own. no magic. i think it's the same with our lifes or our hearts. they take time to heal. and covering up the problems won't necessarily make them go away. but for now, i'll trust that a little 4 year old boy needed those bandaids to fix his fingers. and to him they were magic.