Thursday, May 14, 2009

in full swing

pun intended. t-ball has begun. well, it began a while ago and actually is almost over. boy how time flies. max has loved playing this spring and i have loved cheering him on. i am definitely a baseball instead of soccer kind of mom.

the cheeeekins.

my sweet friend has a farm-like backyard. luke loves to go see the 'REAL cheeekins.' that's exactly how he says it and then proceeds to give them names - the mom chicken, dad chicken, max chicken, luke chicken, jake chicken, etc. etc. the kid is crazy. and loves him some barnyard fun.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i did it again

all this for $25.42 thanks to money saving mom. pretty impressive.

soccer is over

and it was a great spring season. max loved playing, but isn't so sad that all of the running is over. he prefers t-ball because 'in soccer you have run the whole time.' i don't blame him one bit.

we hosted an end of soccer season party - complete with horse rides. i think the kids had a blast! (so did mike.)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

he's weird

luke will occasionally doze off while watching some afternoon cartoons. i found him like this a few weeks ago. he's never going to get rid of that blanket.

look what i got!

all of this for $13.75. not too bad.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

moms to the rescue

no pictures in this post. you'll understand why in a minute.

i don't have the energy or brain power right now to write a long beautiful post about mother's (but you can check out my sister's tribute to the best momma in the world right here.) this mother's day i was grateful for a boy who is adventurous and can scream loud enough for me to hear him.

we were lounging around a my parent's after a yummy dinner and even yummier strawberry shortcake dessert. luke was in getting a hair cut from papa randall. wasn't sure where max was. then i thought i heard a faint scream. i asked my mom and sis if they could her it...i went looking. out to the garage and the screaming got louder. sobbing, really. then i saw him. max, my insane child.

let me paint a picture really quick. my parent's live on a hill and when you pull into the driveway there is a fence with brick pillars directly in front of you. (the garage and house is to the left.) on the other side of that fence is a drop off. a big drop off. probably 10 feet (help me out here mom.) to the right of the fence are some rock stairs that get you into the backyard - those 10+ feet below.

anyway, max got this idea. he started over by the stairs and scooted his way along the ledge - on the DROP OFF SIDE OF THE FENCE until he couldn't go any farther. (it deadends at the garage) mind you, the ledge was maybe 6 inches wide and had 3 brick pillars that are close to 2 feet wide that he had to go around. the ledge near the brick pillars is only 2 inches wide.

so, i run out there looking for the screaming and see max hanging on for dear life - and i couldn't believe where he was or how in the world he had gotten there. i was trying to lift him over the fence (which is about 4 feet high) and pull him to safety. He was gripping the fence and screaming for dad to come help. dad didn't have a clue this was going on cuz he was in helping papa buzz luke. nana sue came out to see what was going on and with me hanging onto max's arms, nana sue grabbed the back of his pants and lifted him up. good thing she's been working out! he was scared to death. so was i. one slip and he would have fallen to a beautiful rock patio below. and broken a few somethings, i'm sure.

no pictures. no camera in my pocket. no time to capture the moment. just time to rescue.

so, today i am thankful for my mom and to be a mom. thankful max is safe. thankful we didn't have to take a trip to the er. thankful for a kid who is adventurous and daring. thankful he screamed when he got stuck. and thankful i heard him.

happy mother's day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

part 2

so there probably won't be a part 2. here's what has happened:

*computer started acting weird. slow. took forever to load. error messages.
*gut feeling = back up your thousands of pictures.
*took 5 hours and 18 discs. backed up pictures.
*computer began a slow painful death.
*the blue screen of death became a frequent visitor.
*i panicked and began trying to get any critical files off the dying machine.
*email was the only option.
*began emailing myself files. a few at a time until the blue screen made it's appearance.
*waited for hours before attempting file retrieval again.
*this went on for almost a week.
*checked email a few times at mom's.
*lived a computer-less life.
*wondered how to plan primary sharing time without my technology. asked mom.
*construction paper and markers.
*used her computer instead.
*finally had mr. computer guy come last night.
*result = rebuilt computer that works like new.