Thursday, November 20, 2008


i am thankful for joy. and today is her 10 year anniversary. happy anniversary!
i have known joy for ages. literally. we've been through 25+ years together. although she now lives across the country, i still appreciate all that her friendship gives to me. i especially am thankful for her example. she has had some tough trials. and has always come out on top, taking the higher road, learning the lessons being taught and sharing herself with others. she is so so so patient. and i am so so so not patient. when i was back in new york for a few days after eliza was born, i was trying so hard to learn from joy. watch her interaction with her kids and how she remained calm during even the most chaotic moments. joy just goes with the flow. and flows gracefully. i love you, joy. happy 10th. thank you for being my friend. still.


Corinne said...

I love this post!! I miss that girl. Will you please tell her hi for me and that I want to be in touch? Is she on facebook?

lovejoy said...

suni, your memory of dates never ceases to amaze me! i love what you wrote--thank you! i still don't understand where everyone says i'm patient!! i just really think i can do better in that area! thank you, though. it means a lot.