Thursday, August 13, 2009

the other new toy

not really a toy. but another mouth to feed.

welcome to the family, pepper.

max is 6!!

hard to believe my little baby is 6. we (he and i) had a rough start 6 years ago. we've both learned a lot these past 6 years and i love my max more than ever! he is so smart. and says the silliest things. always surprising me with what he knows. max is more of a high five kind of kid. hugs and kisses are rare, but i steal them when i can. he loves to learn...and picks up on everything. i have to be careful about that sometimes. he loves games. and winning. i'm sure he gets that from me. he is great with numbers...a famous benson trait! he gets to start 1st grade this year. all day school. i hope i don't cry. i'm sure luke and i will miss him. max loves star wars. and transformers. and legos. and xbox. he's definitely turning into a big kid. makes me wonder where the time has gone...and afraid that luke will be 6 too soon! max is amazing. i love him so so much. happy birthday, maxer!

(oh, and he now has 2 loose teeth. he must be 6.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

new toy

we have a new toy in the family. no name yet. but tons of fun!!

we're always looking for a reason to go...give us one!

island park 2009

last weekend we headed to island park with 5 other neighborhood families. it was a blast! here are a few photos of the trip. we stayed in an amazing cabin - all 26 of us! it was so fun. we floated the river, went into yellowstone, saw old faithful, ate ice cream, laughed til our sides hurt, fished, ran, biked, froze, celebrated max's birthday and ate amazing food. thanks for a great time!!! definitely a tradition in the making.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

take a peek...

you know you want to. even if you don't - look anyway ok?

click here