Wednesday, August 27, 2008


officially started yesterday with our first team practice. we are orange. the orange dragons. love it! these 5 little 5 year olds are such a hoot to watch. then tonight was the dragon's first game. max is on the same team as his friend britton. 2 other friends, sam and nicholas were on the opposing team for tonight's game. it was fun to watch them run around, throwing a kick here and there. and max even scored a goal! wahoo! here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure...

showing off his #6!
i love those eyes...
team huddle
in the game...
and the boy has quite the kick!

way to go max! great game.

max started kindergarten!

is max really old enough to be going to school? it's hard to believe. well, he started kindergarten this week - just got to go on monday, then have his assessment on tuesday and he'll start for real after labor day. this week was just a teaser. he picked out his new robot shirt and was so excited to wear his new school shoes (thanks, nana sue). he loved his camo backpack from preschool last year and didn't want me to get him a new, off to school we went. lucky for us, we live just down the street from the school, so max can walk to school and home again with the neighbor kids. i took him up on monday and stayed for a few minutes. at one point he came up to me, gave me a huge hug and said, 'i love you, mom.' *sniff* what a gentle boy i have. he was so excited and having him be so ready for school makes it easier to 'let him go.' it was a short day, but he was thrilled to have 4 of his church friends in his class. as long a mrs. wallace can keep those boys in'll be a great year!

Monday, August 25, 2008

the boy can ride!

max got a new bike for his 5th birthday a couple of weeks ago. it came with training wheels and we've just left them on...because it's easy. he can ride fine and i don't have to worry about him falling off. well, maybe mike was feeling a little bit of dad-guilt because he hadn't taught max how to ride a bike - without training wheels - yet. and he is 5. so, the wheels came off and mike set out to teach max. it didn't take much. after one attempt, here is what we have...

needless to say, i'm a pretty proud mama!

(sorry the video is a little shakey...i'm not too steady while looking through a camera and walking down the street)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

sidewalk chalk

one of the perks of mike's new job is the amount of handouts he brings home. first it was a visor for max. then a plastic basketball hoop you hook over a door. that one didn't last too long. then the other night it was plastic slinkys and sidewalk chalk. the slinkys lasted shorter than the basketball hoop. but the's about the chalk. i'm always amazed at the amount of fun kids can have with sidewalk chalk. and as a mom, i love it too. sure, it's messy, but with a little water and effort, comes right off. and the enjoyment they seem to have makes the mess worth it!

old + new

what happens when you take an old favorite
and put it with a new favorite?
absolute bliss. mmmmm.

Monday, August 11, 2008


when hearing that it was max's 5th birthday, somebody at church asked me, 'can you believe it's been 5 years!?' yes and no. it seems like just yesterday i was hugely pregnant with the boy who always got the hiccups when i was trying to go to bed. it feels as though we just brought him home from the hospital and got him settled into his own room when the feeding fiasco began. those of you who were around when max was giving us a run for our money will remember the challenges of those first 2 or 3 months. not something i would ever wish on my worst enemy! and though all of this seems like just yesterday, i keep remembering that a lot has happened in the last 5 years! we made it through and i can hardly believe the kid i have!

here are some fun facts, memories, qualities and characteristics of our max:

*max is smart. i mean like brilliant smart. he remembers pretty much everything and is great at figuring out new + difficult things.

*he loves loves loves to laugh. he'll often ask for me to tickle him or show him something funny or tell a joke so he can laugh. he loves it!

*although adjusting to a little brother was hard at first, max is so sweet with little luke. he helps him get down from his high chair, reads him stories and shares his enormous collection of star wars guys with him. such a good big brother. (most of the time)

*speaking of good big brother, when max found out i was pregnant with luke, he immediately started thinking - where will the baby sleep? we told him that he would be upstairs in max's room. max quickly thought that through and said, 'we better move my bed downstairs!' this was when i was only 2 months pregnant, but max was ready to move downstairs and have his bedroom down there all alone. what a big kid!

*the other day while getting some lunch at a 'not-so-good-for-you-fast-food-restaurant' we approached the window to pay and get our food. the employee helping us must lead an alternative lifestyle and max picked up on it. he asked me, 'mom, is that a man or a lady?' i answered, 'a man.' he said, 'well, it looks likes a lady - he's a she, mom!' well...someday we'll get to have that conversation again, i'm sure.

*while playing at the park this weekend max stopped and pointed toward the mountains and told me to look. i looked in the direction he was pointing and asked, 'what?' he told me to look and i realized he was pointed at the temple. i said, 'the temple?' 'ya mom. the temple: i want to go inside there someday.' such sweet words from a kid who seldom takes a moment to stop and ponder. i too look forward to him going inside someday.

*his favorite color is green.

*max has a giving heart. he is constantly drawing pictures or making something with paper, glue and scissors for his friends, brothers or babysitters. we often have to drive his gifts around to sam, joey or britton.

*max has the best blue eyes ever -- thanks to his dad!

*the kid is solid. he's always been big for his age, always in the upper 80 - 90% range for his age. and he has huge feet. i'm not sure where his size comes from, but if he doesn't slow down i'll be in big trouble when those teenage years hit!

*max is a no fear kid of guy...willing to give anything a try, at least once. don't ask him about egg-drop at lagoon. that was a 'try once, never again' kind of experience. (thanks to papa randall!)

*max has enough energy to power 20 kids. seriously. i wish i could bottle his energy and enthusiasm and save it for myself! he keeps us going and wears us all out.

i feel so blessed and proud to be max's mama. he is a fabulous kid and helps me to want to be a better person. he is a determined and stubborn little guy a lot of the time, but those sweet moments make it all worth it. i love you, max.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

it's all about me

...this post, that is. life isn't usually all about me, although sometimes i think it should or could be! haha. no really, i saw this on brandy's blog and had to give it a try. sometimes it's hard to share stuff about me, but i always love hearing about others. maybe some of you may be interested in me, too. i know it's a long shot...but possible, right?

i am...missing mike while he's at scout camp this week. loving that luke is in bed sleeping. in denial that i'm almost 31 when i still feel 16.
i think...too much. i lay (or is it lie) in bed at night thinking, most of the time about nothing important. i need to lose 10 lbs. i don't do enough - there is always more i could do - family home evening, playtime with my kids, vacuuming the stairs, going to the temple, the list goes on and on.
i know...most of my friend's phone numbers by heart - even numbers from 20 years ago. i am a daughter of god and he loves me. i am happier when i get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
i kids to be happy. to be a better mom and better wife. to have a cleaner house. to travel someday. a new driveway. to figure out how to get max to listen the first time without having to count to 3. to get in shape. luke to stay his cuddly loveable self forever. to grow old with mike. to succeed.
i have...more than i deserve in some cases. green eyes. amazing people in my life and some people i could do without. flat feet. a love for creating - and seeing other's enjoy what i have made.
i wish...i knew that my kids were going to be ok after i am done with them. i were better at forgiving and forgetting. i were more patient.
i hate...when people chew their food with their mouths open. the wind - it puts me in a bad mood.
i fear...the unknown. spiders. losing a child. that i'm doing something wrong and won't achieve my goals.
i feel...a lot. emotions very strongly. calm and a bit vulnerable sharing so much about me! happy to be where i am.
i smell...the popcorn i just fixed for max. too much - my nose is way too sensitive and that can be a bad thing...can be good too.
i crave...sweet and salty. fresh food on a good day. mexican when i'm pregnant. actually, mexican food anytime! sunshine.
i search...for the 'why' in most situations. for the perfect gift for others - i am always trying to find something unique and personal.
i boys more than i thought possible. summer. fresh tomatoes out of the garden. warm homemade bread. luke's silly chatter. my fabulous husband. max's creativity. hearing my kids laugh. hearing my kids laugh when playing together. having someone scratch my head or run fingers through my hair.
i wonder...where i will be in 5 years.
i regret...not listening to promptings. not going to visit kathy before she passed away. being so mean to my mom when i was a kid.
i care...about everything - sometimes too much. about others and try to help with whatever i can. about what i look like when i go to the store. what others think of me even when i know i shouldn't. about details.
i always...go to bed without washing my face. check my email. answer the phone if i am home. do my make-up and hair - everyday. wish i didn't have to do my make-up and hair to look presentable.
i miracles. that things happen for a reason. that there is a greater plan that i can't see yet. anyone can be happy if they choose to be. a positive attitude can make all the difference. blessings come through obedience. i am doing the best i can with what i know at this stage in life - and can only hope i can do better.
i my head. i don't dance. i don't try to dance. i don't want to try to dance. i love to think i can dance, but i know that is a lie. so, i watch others dance and am jealous. i love luke's little head-banger dance.
i sing...alto if in a choir. because i love the way i feel when i really belt it out. in the car. with my kids. not that great, but that doesn't hold me back.
i the beach. flip flops that are wide enough for my fat feet. organization. clean sheets. reading. pretty pictures. to plan parties and make sure the food is as pretty as the decorations.
i don't always...say what i really feel. love how i look.
i a girl.
i write...a to do list every day. you could say i'm obsessed with lists - my way of feeling accomplished, i guess. in a private journal when i'm having a bad day.
i temper - and i get really quiet and start cleaning.
i win...most of the time at scrabble against mike. (he's getting better though!) everytime i get a hug from my boys.
i contests or drawings. will own a minivan - they make me carsick. will understand how boys are born with the sounds of motorcycles, guns, and cars in their minds - i know i didn't teach them!
i miss...old friends that have moved away or that i have lost along the way. not having to worry about what i eat and still stay skinny. mike when he's gone.
i listen...for my kids to cry in the night. to the neighbor's dog bark at me when i walk in my backyard and i yell at it everytime! to the quiet.
i can usually be found...home with the kids. in the car driving the kids. at the store with the kids. pretty much they rule my life - in a good way.
i am scared...of the world my kids will have to face as they get older. that i won't be ready if a natural disaster comes our way. that i won't have enough faith.
i sleep well tonight. (last night was bad.) to get max a birthday present. to read my scriptures more consistently. to spend more time on the floor playing with my boys. to learn to budget better. a new vacuum.
i dislike...the blossom end rot on half of my tomato plants. when people don't follow through with what they say they will do.
i prefer...summer over winter. rootbeer. a clean house. mayo over miracle whip. vanilla ice cream. fruity candy. pink and white peonies. hand written cards over emails.
i won't eat/drink...oysters. alcohol. deer - if i can help it.
i get anxious...when mike goes hunting or horse riding or fishing or camping by himself. it doesn't happen very often anymore, but there are times i worry every minute until he gets home safely.
i am fascinated by...learning how to do something new. little details - they are what make the difference. my kids and how quickly they learn and grow. talented people.
i am a little embarassed to admit...that when i find a good book i will hide out until i'm finished, often ignoring everything around me. (there goes the clean house.) i love reality tv...mainly survivor and the amazing race - can't miss an episode!
i am happy life. summer harvest from the garden. having beautiful healthy kids. knowing who i am. mike's new job. max starting kindergarten. living in a wonderful neighborhood. having the gospel in my life. memories of the past that make me smile.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

LDS Booksellers Convention

For the next few days, Stories by Me will be at the LDS Booksellers Association Annual Convention. We hope to meet a lot of interested customers and work to spread our love of preserving family stories. Wish us luck!

For updates on what's going on check out our blog.

Friday, August 1, 2008

swim session 1

max's first session of swimming lessons ended today...and level 2 starts up on monday. he loves loves loves swimming! and he's developing quite the skills.

3 little monkeys dancing on the wall...

not sure what teacher danielle is trying to say?

the jump

the jump off the diving board

need a closer look? here you go...

max has mastered star-fish, motor boat motor boat, blowing bubbles, going under the water, jumping off the side and making a huge splash! i think this kid was born to play in the water...and luke's not far behind. it's been a fun 2 weeks and we're excited for the next 2!