Saturday, February 28, 2009

mike took all 3 boys with him to run an errand. it's so quiet. my house is clean. really clean. had to get it tidy-ed (is that a word?) for an appraisal this morning. i'm baking chocolate chip cookies and they smell so good. later we get to go to our nieces baptism and enjoy time with family. i think every saturday should be this nice. i can dream, right?

Friday, February 27, 2009

enough said.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

bit 'o business

trying to get a little festive around here...i mean, it'll be st. patrick's day before we know it! feedback on the new look is appreciated. it looks funny to me...but i think that's because something is funky with my monitor. my mom got a new monitor and as 'payment' for some stuff i helped her with, i got the old one. yay! (thanks, mom.) but everytime i turn the computer on this little box comes up with the recommended sizing or something like that. it refers me to the owner's manual. and i don't have that. (do you have it, mom?) so until i can figure out how to change the pixels on my screen, i'll have a crazy layout and distorted pictures. (we all look like we are stretched really tall! doesn't do much for my face.) anywho - if it looks normal to you, good! oh, and the other news. my camera isn't working. i'm not going to say it's broken, because that implies that something happened to it and that i am going to have to get it fixed. i guess i'll still have to get it fixed, but nothing happened. i went to turn it on today and no luck. yes, i checked that the battery was charged, mom. :) i called a few camera places and they said that sometimes in these cameras a fuse could go out or a connection is just bad. let's hope it's nothing serious and that i can have it working again soon! and the timing couldn't be worse. we are heading to the draper temple open house tomorrow morning and how i would love to get some pictures of my boys outside. and mike's mom is in town and we'll be together with lots of family...again, photo opportunities missed. i'm sure i'll make up for it when spring decides to come and stay and we are spending every waking moment outside! for now, i'll have to post old pics like this:

(luke at 5 months. isn't he cute?!)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

bathtime is always happening around here. seriously. my boys love to take baths. how could you not with this selection of toys?! this particular time luke insisted i take pictures. of. every. toy. by. itself. honestly. the kid is crazy. so, here are a few of the pics from his most recent tub party.

the new-found skill of gurgling chocolate milk:

swimming with the dino

a picture of all the guys - as requested by luke himself

my sweet boy is getting so big!
making sure i took a picture of the storm trooper. mind you, we have pictures of each individual guy. alone.

and a picture of the cup. so important.

and luke's shriveled little foot.

the boy is silly and i love him to pieces.

Friday, February 20, 2009

You can have anything you want if you give up the belief that you can't have it.

-Dr. Robert Anthony

(seen here)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

late valentine's report

i'm a bit late on posting our valentine festivities. the heart shaped pancakes didn't happen. neither did the pink milk. max had a primary party saturday morning where breakfast was served. mike was off helping with a food drive. luke and i enjoyed large bowls of cereal with regular white milk. yum. but the sugar cookies...those happened! and were so amazingly yummy. come to think of it, i bet the only picture i even have of them is one luke snapped and a few of us rolling out the dough. oops. slacking on the photo taking, i guess. trust me. they were delicious.

moving on to our wax-paper-crayon-shaving-hang-in-the-window hearts. those were fun. a lot of work sharpening all those crayons, but fun. max enjoyed himself and we now have these darling hearts dangling in our kitchen. should have made these a month ago! although i hate what i did to my ironing board cover in the process. (updates on that to come...once my long awaited 'package' arrives in the mail!)

oh, and this is how mike spent a good portion of valentine's day. he really needed a nap.

then for dinner it was a yummy heart shaped pizza - max's request that wouldn't die.

it was loverly. hope you had a happy heart day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

happy heart day

happy valentine's day. make it a good one. full of love. here's what we'll be doing tomorrow:

heart pancakes with pink milk
decorating these heart sugar cookies
hearts to hang in the windows
heart shaped pizza for dinner - at max's request. (all week. seriously. saturday can't come fast enough for the kid!)

and any other love-ish heart things we can muster. hope your day is full of hearts, too.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

kaylee's 8

i can't believe that this little girl is already 8! i remember planning our wedding so that marisa and eric would able to come...after their baby was born! and to think she is 8 today. time is speeding up.

kaylee is a hoot. seriously. she is a talker and is so funny. and so smart. i imagine she keeps marisa on her toes. she is a fabulous niece and i love her to pieces. hope you have a happy 8th kaylee girl!

happy 35th!

do you know my parents? if not, that's too bad. really, they are the greatest. today is their 35th anniversary. happy anniversary mom & dad!! i can't even imagine 35 years...i'm just too young, i guess. haha! truely, they are amazing and i am thrilled to have them close by. and for those of you who know me but don't know my mom, once you meet her you'll know what i will look like when i'm celebrating 35 years with mike! we are twins. and i'm proud of that. hope you have a fabulous day today cuz you two love birds deserve it!