Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my thankful posts have been slacking these past few days. i'm sure none of you have missed them terribly. but i have. in fact, the whole purpose for recording something each day that i am grateful for is really just for me. a totally selfish purpose, i know. when the extremely early snow came mid october i was feeling a bit glum. well, more than a bit. i really don't like the cold. like, if it never snowed again i'd be ok. so, to ward off any bah humbug feelings, i decided to take a stab at focusing on the good. and it started off good. then grandpa died. amidst all the sadness, i have still tried to look for things i am grateful for, and have been surprised at how thankful i have felt these past few days. i've been more observant and reflective than usual and have been letting it all soak in...hoping to get back on track. so, thankful posts will be coming back. to help remind me all i have to be thankful for.


Corinne said...

You're so cute! So, I don't have your email to tell you, but I've changed my blog address:


Lawsons said...

suni- hang in there! your good to focus on the good- it's impossible to be depressed and grateful at the same time (or so ive heard!) so keep it up! I need to try it!