Monday, August 11, 2008


when hearing that it was max's 5th birthday, somebody at church asked me, 'can you believe it's been 5 years!?' yes and no. it seems like just yesterday i was hugely pregnant with the boy who always got the hiccups when i was trying to go to bed. it feels as though we just brought him home from the hospital and got him settled into his own room when the feeding fiasco began. those of you who were around when max was giving us a run for our money will remember the challenges of those first 2 or 3 months. not something i would ever wish on my worst enemy! and though all of this seems like just yesterday, i keep remembering that a lot has happened in the last 5 years! we made it through and i can hardly believe the kid i have!

here are some fun facts, memories, qualities and characteristics of our max:

*max is smart. i mean like brilliant smart. he remembers pretty much everything and is great at figuring out new + difficult things.

*he loves loves loves to laugh. he'll often ask for me to tickle him or show him something funny or tell a joke so he can laugh. he loves it!

*although adjusting to a little brother was hard at first, max is so sweet with little luke. he helps him get down from his high chair, reads him stories and shares his enormous collection of star wars guys with him. such a good big brother. (most of the time)

*speaking of good big brother, when max found out i was pregnant with luke, he immediately started thinking - where will the baby sleep? we told him that he would be upstairs in max's room. max quickly thought that through and said, 'we better move my bed downstairs!' this was when i was only 2 months pregnant, but max was ready to move downstairs and have his bedroom down there all alone. what a big kid!

*the other day while getting some lunch at a 'not-so-good-for-you-fast-food-restaurant' we approached the window to pay and get our food. the employee helping us must lead an alternative lifestyle and max picked up on it. he asked me, 'mom, is that a man or a lady?' i answered, 'a man.' he said, 'well, it looks likes a lady - he's a she, mom!' well...someday we'll get to have that conversation again, i'm sure.

*while playing at the park this weekend max stopped and pointed toward the mountains and told me to look. i looked in the direction he was pointing and asked, 'what?' he told me to look and i realized he was pointed at the temple. i said, 'the temple?' 'ya mom. the temple: i want to go inside there someday.' such sweet words from a kid who seldom takes a moment to stop and ponder. i too look forward to him going inside someday.

*his favorite color is green.

*max has a giving heart. he is constantly drawing pictures or making something with paper, glue and scissors for his friends, brothers or babysitters. we often have to drive his gifts around to sam, joey or britton.

*max has the best blue eyes ever -- thanks to his dad!

*the kid is solid. he's always been big for his age, always in the upper 80 - 90% range for his age. and he has huge feet. i'm not sure where his size comes from, but if he doesn't slow down i'll be in big trouble when those teenage years hit!

*max is a no fear kid of guy...willing to give anything a try, at least once. don't ask him about egg-drop at lagoon. that was a 'try once, never again' kind of experience. (thanks to papa randall!)

*max has enough energy to power 20 kids. seriously. i wish i could bottle his energy and enthusiasm and save it for myself! he keeps us going and wears us all out.

i feel so blessed and proud to be max's mama. he is a fabulous kid and helps me to want to be a better person. he is a determined and stubborn little guy a lot of the time, but those sweet moments make it all worth it. i love you, max.


Nana Sue said...

Gotta love that egg drop moment, huh?! I will never forget that face andthose big, beautiful blue eyes, enormously round from excitement right?! Happy Birtday day big guy, we love you so, so much!! xoxo

Tam said...

Sounds like an awesome kid. Why is it the kids that are the most difficult from the start you have a tighter bond with? I need to do better at writing more about the kids and their likes/dislikes. This is ultimately for them right?

linds said...

happy day to you max, we love you!

lovejoy said...

Well, we all know he gets his big feet from his mom! Sheesh, my feet were always too small and petite to fit into your shoes, Suni! Happy Birthday, Max!

Marisa said...

Hmmm...I left a comment the other day and it isn't here?! Lucy is very jealous that Max is now older than she is. Before they were both 4...she doesn't quite get that he is always older than her. Happy Birthday Max! We wish we could have been there to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Suni-I came across your blog and wanted to tell you that your little family is so darling. I don't think I had ever seen Luke before and he is adorable. Hope all is well with you...Max is getting so big. The last time I saw him is when I think I traumatized him cutting his hair at Tonsorial! My little Max will be 2 in October....time flies. Good to see you!!
Morgan Frampton(Whiting)

janetha b said...

oh it is too bad i missed the big bday bash! i have some bday gifts from hawaii though. happy belated bday to max! xoxo