Sunday, April 12, 2009

part 1

i barely recovered from the 2 hour time difference from ohio to utah and jumped an hour back in california. my body needs a week to recover. here's the first of many spring break photos. we took the kids and left sunday morning. we made it clear to tooele before we needed to stop and get some cough medicine for max - i couldn't bear to listen to him cough the entire way. the boys were champions the entire drive. seriously. they were amazing. like, i was surprised at how good they really were. i was prepared for time outs, sitting between, threats, you know, all those terrible things. not a once. they did great. it took 11 hours, but we finally made it to yuba city. we got unloaded and put the boys in bed.

monday was absolutely beautiful. it got to 80 degrees. coming from snowy utah it was fabulous! we went over to a pond to feed the ducks. enter photos.
after our play date with the ducks we went for a ride in pat & cliff's new boat. it took a few hours to finally get on the water, but once we were there it was great. as you know, i hate the wind. the only wind i really enjoy is that created by riding on a boat. (on calm water when it's warm outside, otherwise i get seasick. i know, i'm picky.) luke loved the boat. it was so fun to be outside in the sunshine. very good for my soul. sorry, no boat pics. but i'll share a few more duck pics instead.

tuesday the rain decided to roll in and it was a bit chilly. we decided to head to sacramento, and if the rain let up we'd visit the zoo. well, the rain only got worse the closer we got. so, with a little direction from my sis via cell phone, we found our way to the blue diamond almond factory. wow. who would have known mike was so fond of almonds? well, i think i knew, but i was able to really witness it while at the gift shop. mike finally told me we had to leave so he wouldn't go back in the shop and buy more. seriously. he kept going back for more. we have lots of almonds.

once back to yuba city we took the boys to see monsters vs. aliens. they loved it! (well, luke didn't quite make it through the show and chilled in the car with mike for the last 30 minutes or so.)

wednesday....oh ya. the boys went to shoot guns for a while and i took mike's mom to run a few errands around town. pretty lazy day. i was able to have a stories by me class with a group of ladies from pat's ward. that made for a fun evening! always a good time.

part 2 will be coming.


Nana Sue said...

Sounds like just the R and R you needed, I could use a little sunshine myself!! Hugs.

janetha. said...

nothing like a good old fashioned family road trip!!! cute photos, glad you guys had fun!

lovejoy said...

so instead of saying someone was "just like a kid in a candy store" we can say they were "just like Mike in a blue diamond almond store"?