Tuesday, May 5, 2009

part 2

so there probably won't be a part 2. here's what has happened:

*computer started acting weird. slow. took forever to load. error messages.
*gut feeling = back up your thousands of pictures.
*took 5 hours and 18 discs. backed up pictures.
*computer began a slow painful death.
*the blue screen of death became a frequent visitor.
*i panicked and began trying to get any critical files off the dying machine.
*email was the only option.
*began emailing myself files. a few at a time until the blue screen made it's appearance.
*waited for hours before attempting file retrieval again.
*this went on for almost a week.
*checked email a few times at mom's.
*lived a computer-less life.
*wondered how to plan primary sharing time without my technology. asked mom.
*construction paper and markers.
*used her computer instead.
*finally had mr. computer guy come last night.
*result = rebuilt computer that works like new.



Lawsons said...

oh yeah! i feel your pain, but mine completely crashed and i lost EVERYTHING!!!! so i understand. may i reccomend mozy. check mozy.com it's free! they can back up to 2GB of stuff.

lovejoy said...

yea! I'm so glad you backed up your pictures!!! That would have been horrible to lose!!

Nana Sue said...

wahoo glad to have you back in the techno age! hugs.

Janetha said...

holy balls. what a debacle. glad you are back online. i didn't get the yogurt at target last night because i am still at mom's and her fridge is pretty full as it is. i am going to go back when i move home.. which is this weekend. that promotion is good through tomorrow luckily :)