Thursday, April 2, 2009


have you ever known one of those people who deserves the very best but it seems as though things in their life continue to go wrong? they try so hard to do what they know, what they feel, is right, but somehow never get the end result they are searching for? well, i do. and she finally got what she deserved after all these years.
my dear friend melnee hasn't had the easiest life. in fact, she has faced challenges that i hope and pray i never have to face. i'm not sure i would survive as gracefully as she has. melnee moved to ohio 12 years ago. inspired to move. she has lived an extremely full life and has exercised her faith in so many ways. while on her own personal rollercoaster, she recently met dave and fell in love. they are perfect. he adores her like no other and she is smitten. and finally has what she deserves.
i was able to travel back to ohio and attend their sealing. what an amazing experience. i wouldn't have missed it for anything. you see, melnee was like a second mom to me while i was serving my mission. i was in the ashland branch for 9 months - that's 1/2 of my entire mission. she fed me, drove me places, let me cry to her about my companion(s) and helped me laugh. i absolutely love this woman! when i got the news of her wedding i immediately began trying to figure out what it would take to get me there. another dear friend gave me an amazing offer - and made my travel possible. (thank you lauri and kevin!!!)

other sweet friends allowed me to stay at their house. they even drove the 1 1/2 hours to the airport to pick me up. (and drop me off.) now that's a real friend! mike and brooke are fabulous - and it was so fun spending time with brooke and her busy schedule. i enjoyed every minute!! thank you guys!!
while i was away my sweet husband really outdid himself. and i came home loving him even more than ever. (and not only because of what he had done while i was gone...) he moved luke into max's room and moved jake into a space of his own. in the process, converted luke's crib into a toddler bed and has luke sleeping like a champ! (no go on the binky weaning, but that can wait.) he built a new fort for the boys in the backyard. he did loads and loads of laundry. he cooked dinner. he took time off work to help with the boys. oh, and in his spare time he managed to surprise me and laid the tile in our basement bathroom never-ending project. seriously, does it get any better than that? i have the greatest man alive.

it was a fabulous trip and i am thrilled i was able to share the day with melnee. she is amazing.

and it's good to be home with my own busy schedule and crazy boys and even more laundry.


Nana Sue said...

Way to go Melnee I am SO thrilled for her!! They make a darling couple!! Glad you could be there Suni. Love you.

Lawsons said...

how fun! i am so glad you had a good trip! and what a good hubby you have! that's alot of work in a few days! what a good guy!

janetha. said...

i like your hair curled!