Wednesday, February 25, 2009

bit 'o business

trying to get a little festive around here...i mean, it'll be st. patrick's day before we know it! feedback on the new look is appreciated. it looks funny to me...but i think that's because something is funky with my monitor. my mom got a new monitor and as 'payment' for some stuff i helped her with, i got the old one. yay! (thanks, mom.) but everytime i turn the computer on this little box comes up with the recommended sizing or something like that. it refers me to the owner's manual. and i don't have that. (do you have it, mom?) so until i can figure out how to change the pixels on my screen, i'll have a crazy layout and distorted pictures. (we all look like we are stretched really tall! doesn't do much for my face.) anywho - if it looks normal to you, good! oh, and the other news. my camera isn't working. i'm not going to say it's broken, because that implies that something happened to it and that i am going to have to get it fixed. i guess i'll still have to get it fixed, but nothing happened. i went to turn it on today and no luck. yes, i checked that the battery was charged, mom. :) i called a few camera places and they said that sometimes in these cameras a fuse could go out or a connection is just bad. let's hope it's nothing serious and that i can have it working again soon! and the timing couldn't be worse. we are heading to the draper temple open house tomorrow morning and how i would love to get some pictures of my boys outside. and mike's mom is in town and we'll be together with lots of family...again, photo opportunities missed. i'm sure i'll make up for it when spring decides to come and stay and we are spending every waking moment outside! for now, i'll have to post old pics like this:

(luke at 5 months. isn't he cute?!)


ermakaluso said...

The blog looks cute. I don't know about the owner's manual but I can ask mom. You might be able to look it up on the manufacturer's website?? And about the camera, I'd call Costco because they might fix it for free with their electronics concierge service. It is worth a try. Luke looks cute and "little" in comparison to now.

Candi said...

love the new look and love luke at the tiny stage they grow up way to fast.

linds said...

was he ever that tiny? i love the old picture.

Lawsons said...

he looks so little! what a cute smile