Saturday, February 21, 2009

bathtime is always happening around here. seriously. my boys love to take baths. how could you not with this selection of toys?! this particular time luke insisted i take pictures. of. every. toy. by. itself. honestly. the kid is crazy. so, here are a few of the pics from his most recent tub party.

the new-found skill of gurgling chocolate milk:

swimming with the dino

a picture of all the guys - as requested by luke himself

my sweet boy is getting so big!
making sure i took a picture of the storm trooper. mind you, we have pictures of each individual guy. alone.

and a picture of the cup. so important.

and luke's shriveled little foot.

the boy is silly and i love him to pieces.


Nana Sue said...

What a GREAT post! LOve the photos of my cute Luke, schrivvelled foot and all!!
Love you all.

lovejoy said...

that is great! I love the little things that they insist happen!