Sunday, February 8, 2009

happy 35th!

do you know my parents? if not, that's too bad. really, they are the greatest. today is their 35th anniversary. happy anniversary mom & dad!! i can't even imagine 35 years...i'm just too young, i guess. haha! truely, they are amazing and i am thrilled to have them close by. and for those of you who know me but don't know my mom, once you meet her you'll know what i will look like when i'm celebrating 35 years with mike! we are twins. and i'm proud of that. hope you have a fabulous day today cuz you two love birds deserve it!


Brandy said...

That is great! Happy Anniversary, Sue! The crazy thing're dad and Mike resemble each other too. Quite handsome! How fun for your parents to be so happy!

ermakaluso said...

Happy Day! It is fun to celebrate February 8 in our family!

Nana Sue said...

Oh my gosh you got me!! sniff sniff.....i checked in Sat but not Sun I guess, anyway came over to "steal" a few photos since my puter is on the fritz and wow, Thanks to my sweet Suni bun, you are the best!! Love you all.