Thursday, December 11, 2008

rs enrichment

somewhere in all of these festivities we had our annual relief society enrichment dinner. which i was in charge of. sort of. that's a whole different story. anyway, here are some pics from the evening. really, i just took care of the decorations, a small program and the gift we gave each sister. simple. a little brown kraft paper and fun ribbons with empty boxes and there you have it!

for our gift i (with some help) painted 2" wooden blocks, sanded the edges, made them look old and then tied ribbon around to look like a gift. get great instructions on how-to here.
i attached a tag that said:

an act of service you can give
to family members where you live
leave this present, then depart
the truest gifts come from the heart

the idea is this. i make max's bed and leave the present on his pillow. he then takes the present, and picks up mike's shoes that are always left in the middle of the floor and leaves the present there. mike then puts jake's coat away and round it goes. the hope is that we will all look for ways to serve each other throughout the season. and remember the true meaning of christmas by looking for ways to give of ourselves.


Brandy said...

Such a cute idea, Suni, and so well made. I love them. I'd like to order 12 please! These look like presents my Mason could really enjoy! ;)
Love them!

Nicole said...

How totally cute Suni! I almost laughed out loud at you being in charge...sort of. I SO know what you mean.

ermakaluso said...

i can't believe how cute those turned out. i love the idea and can't believe that you made so many! now onto planning "our" next party!