Tuesday, December 9, 2008


we have very few traditions. well, no really big ones anyway. i didn't have many growing up either. this is one we have started and, even with my attempts to skip this year, still happened and probably will for years to come. i doubt mike and the boys will let us ever not go cut down our christmas tree. this year was easy...we found the perfect tree right away!this is what we'll end up keeping:

mike revving up the chainsaw:

the cut:

and max just having a good time:

mike & luke

loading into the trailer with helpers:

luke was trying to put grass up my nose. what a sweet boy.
he thought it was hilarious.
a fun tradition. maybe i'll remember to take a picture of the tree all lit and decorated. it really is a good one!


Tam said...

What a fabulous tradition. I dont think it'd survive long at our house. We've become too fond of warm weather. I bet your house smells divine though!

Nana Sue said...

Love the tree hunt and cut and REALLY love the new blog look, very cute! Hugs.