Saturday, December 13, 2008

thanksgiving #2

mike is a fabulous cook. i'm so-so. surprisingly, neither of us have ever cooked a turkey. well, mike decided that last sunday was the day for him to take a stab at adding to his culinary skills. mike always cooks on sunday. he is wonderful! it's so nice for me to not have to worry about sunday dinner. even if i have something planned to fix, he'll usually come in the kitchen to help and end up taking over and finishing it up. i love it. (thanks, honey.) anyway, he decided we needed a 2nd big thanksgiving dinner. here are the results. it was delicious!!

now i guess it's my turn. i have images of christmas vacation running through my mind. maybe i'll try next year.


Tam said...

I am so totally impressed! There is no co-ed cooking at this house. Strictly a female sport. I am going to raise Blake to cook (and leave the seat down). Sounds like you've got a winner Suni!

Nana Sue said...

Yummmm that bird looks good enough to eat!! Mike is pretty handsome glad you've got such a great man Suni!! Love you.

linds said...

i never knew mike had such skills! suni, you are a lucky lady. looks yummy!