Monday, March 24, 2008

easter part 2

saturday was a full day. we started out with an egg hunt at nana sue and papa randall's house. the boys had a grand time!! enjoy the pics.

luke figured out really quick that there were surprises inside! he's shaking this one good.

jake's on the lookout...

max loved every second of the egg hunt. he had to open each egg as it was found...and could be heard screaming..."money!" each time those quarters fell out of the egg.

even papa randall was out on the hunt! i think luke was leading though.

then it was home to put luke down for a nap and color our own eggs for the easter bunny to hide.

more to come.


Nana Sue said...

What a fun day! So glad the bunny invented those plastic eggs! Hope next year is about 20 degrees warmer, bet Jake does too!!
Love you all!

Tony, Sidney, and Ella Lawson! said...

Looks like fun! I am glad the Easter Bunny found you. Tony told me that Mike brought over some bread. Thanks so much! We love you guys.