Saturday, March 1, 2008

bandaids are magic least they are to max. this morning he insisted on needing lots of bandaids. i gave him the box and next thing i knew - his fingers were covered. not sure what the problems was, but apparently the bandaids did the trick cuz they were off in a couple of hours. if only life were that easy...fixing anything with a magic bandaid. wouldn't it be great if you could put a bandaid over certain area of your life that need a little correction? or stick a bandaid on somebody else for a day so you could handle them? actually...this is all backwards. bandaids are temporary fixes. they make us feel better, but all they really do is cover up the wound. sure they keep dirt out, but in the end our own sores have to heal on their own. no magic. i think it's the same with our lifes or our hearts. they take time to heal. and covering up the problems won't necessarily make them go away. but for now, i'll trust that a little 4 year old boy needed those bandaids to fix his fingers. and to him they were magic.


Nana Sue said...

What great wisdom and insight you have, and I believe you are right on!! Way to go Max!!! Hugs to you all!

janetha b said...

what a character max is!

100 Percent Cottam said...

thanks for your comment on my blog! so glad to have found my way over to yours!

and i'm SO glad my kids aren't the only ones who use up boxes at a time of "magic" band aids! i try not to let it but me, but it does make me a little nuts!