Wednesday, March 26, 2008

easter part 3

sunday was a fabulous day. we went to church - ALL of us together - for the first time in months. between mike being sick, luke being sick and being cautious parents of a little one, we hadn't all gone together for quite a while. lucky for me, luke decided to wake up extra early. it actually turned out to be a good thing because he took a 3 hour nap before church! yay. he was a pretty good boy, except for the fact that he was wired on easter candy. hey - it's once a year. i'll get over it.

here are some photos of the morning egg hunt in our back yard. again, luke found the candy first.

after church we headed up to mike's brother's house for a family easter feast. again, good times with cousins and great food. grandma pat was in town and had a little egg hunt for the kids.

luke loved the candy and bubbles.

each family got our own "hooey-hoop" and mike put on quite the show. he's the man and he's all mine!

we had a fabulous easter. surely great to be surrounded by friends and family, enjoy good food and remember our Savior's atonement. To be reminded of His sacrifice and to greater appreciate the blessings we have all been given.


Tony, Sidney, and Ella Lawson! said...

Okay- too funny, looks like fun! Mike needs a hooey hoop lesson! Boys just don't have the hip action for that!

Marisa said...

The sweater looks great with your cute skirt. I think the skirt ties the entire family together. You guys look cute!