Wednesday, February 20, 2008


if you've read marisa's blog you've heard that i had the chance to go visit for a few days. aahhh. california sunshine is a NEED of mine in gloomy utah january. it was so nice. i'll share a few highlights:

samma-sisco (aka san francisco) visiting the seals, seeing the bridge, smelling the tulips (ya - they have tulips in february. who knew?), coming across chestnut street way too many times, finally finding the correct way to drive down lombard street, and finding the infamous blue dragon max had requested as his souvenier from my trip. (more on that later). here are a few pics of that day:

we crammed a lot in in just a few days. we made homer bread (thanks lucy!), played the flour game, shopped, shopped, ate and shopped some more. there were plenty of silly faces
and some sweet smiles -- how can you resist these girls?!

i got to meet cheerio - and hear sofi holler "pupperoni" to get him to come. (you really have to hear her to appreciate it...)did i mention the beautiful tulips?
this is getting rather long. if you're still reading, i have to share one more highlight. marisa found these amazing pillows on a friend's blog. we've searched high and low. online, various stores, fabric, etc. well, i must be the lucky charm, cuz when browsing through marshall's right before heading to the airport yesterday, i found the pillow!!!

happy early birthday, marisa!

the trip was wonderful. going away always is good. it makes coming home even better. i came home to loving kids, a happy husband and a clean car. does life get any better?! thank you mike for lettine me go and for holding down the fort. thanks to the bills for letting me come and taking care of my sunshine fix. i'm one lucky gal.


Nana Sue said...

Wow, what a jam packed trip and fun time you had! If I squint a little I actually think it could be me sitting by Ree!! If we all continue to rotate to CA it may cure Marisa's from being homesick!! Wahoo for finding the pillow and the dragon (need a post about the dragon?!) Hugs to you!!

janetha b said...

hey cute shirt with the stripes! ;) i love all the photos, i am jealous of you, looks like fun!! ps what did you bring me back? hahah

Marisa said...

We had a fun time! I think that you got all of the pictures of us together. Thanks again for coming...diversion is always nice!

linds said...

looks like fun suni, i am glad you got to take a break.

Tony, Sidney, and Ella Lawson! said...

Finally I get to comment. Anyway, looks like a blast. I am so jealous of the warmer air! Thanks for coming over tonight for a visit. It is good to have some socialization!