Friday, February 22, 2008

blue dragon

so, i made mention of the blue dragon earlier. here's the scoop. before i headed out to visit the bills, i asked max what he would like me to bring home for him. without hesitation, in true max-matter-of-fact way, he said, "a blue dragon." hmm. ok. not sure where that came from. i thought perhaps this was just a thought for that moment. so the day before i left i asked him again. again i got the answer, "a blue dragon." once i landed and was with the bills girls i called mike to let him know i arrived safely. max wanted to talk to me. when he got on the phone i said hi. his only response was, "remember mom, a BLUE dragon." ok ok. i think i got it! the kid wants a blue dragon. so, we were on the search. (i'm getting good at searching for hard to find items!) we were casually sauntering down pier 39...i was loving the sunshine. marisa reminded me to keep watch for a blue dragon. and what do you know? she looked over at a puppet/stuffed animal store and said - maybe they will have one? we headed that way and there, right in the front display window was THE BLUE DRAGON!! wahoo. got that down - now i could enjoy the rest of my trip.

fast forward to the welcome home festivities. we lugged my luggage into the front room -- it was a bit heavy from all of the trader joe's food i hauled home! max was anxious to see my find. i didn't get quite the response i anticipated. i do believe this picture captures the word no.

apparently he wanted a blue dragon that opened his mouth. next time i'll be sure to clarify any special characteristics required. as if a 3 headed blue dragon puppet wasn't enough!? it took a bit of convincing ... three heads are so cool ... no one else has a blue dragon with three heads. i think he ended up happy after all. (although it could have been the chocolate i brought home.)


Nana Sue said...

Oh how I love those wonderful "Max expressions!" His face tells it all! I love that boy, give him a huge hug from nana sue!!

Marisa said...

All three of the mouths are open! What a kid. I was more focused on the blue!