Monday, January 28, 2008

strange fetishes

fet·ish - noun. an object regarded with awe as being the embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit or as having magical potency.

i'm not sure who is responsible for the benson fetish with q-tips. it's probably mom, because i remember as a small child, getting out of the tub, laying my head down on mom's fuzzy house robe (by the way mom, what ever happened to those zip up stylish robes you used to wear all the time!?). We'd take turns with our heads on mom's lap and have her clean our ears. i remember closing my eyes and enjoying the feeling of clean. i still enjoy the feeling of clean ears, and if the world comes to an end, i will be sure to have plenty of q-tips. i remember being in the hospital after max was born and wishing i had remembered to packed q-tips in my bag. i found a nurse who found some for me -- ahhhh.
so there. it's out in the open. i still have a love for q-tips. they really are magical. i'm sure there are those of you who share in my love. if not, do share any other strange fetishes you may dare tell.


Nana Sue said...

Wow, yes I guess it would be called a fetish!! As for the robes.....I thought I gave them to you and Marisa, no? How sad to think they have actually gone by the wayside! I know Doug and Marisa have passed the q-tip fetish on to their children, good to know my legacy will live on with the q-tips!!

Marisa said...

Robes? I don't think I have any robes. But I do have Q-tips! You should see the kids dive to the ground when I bring out the Q-tips. They love it. Sofi's eyes roll back and she is in heaven. (And Kaylee gets sassy and tells me that she just won't tell her pediatrician because a Q-tip is smaller than her elbow.)

Tony, Sidney, and Ella Lawson! said...

I love Q-TIPS! I am obsessed. Every day right out of the shower, that's the first thing I do! I understand the fetish completely!

linds said...


Anonymous said...

I enjoy Q-TIPS, but I will have to try them laying in suni's lap while she is in a robe. P.S. for all you english majors you can correct my grammer:)

Anonymous said...

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