Monday, January 28, 2008

holding the world

this morning luke walked into my room with the "world" in his hands. at least, that's the thought that came into my mind. he's one tough little guy. we went to the dr. today for luke's 15 month check-up. he's not only tough, he's big and tough! he's weighing in at 32 lbs, and is 34 inches tall. watch out hercules!


Nana Sue said...

Boy oh boy, what can I say about this husky kid 'cept I sure do love him!? And we thought Max was a bruiser, watch out big bro, Luke's on the run!!
Hugs to you all!!

Marisa said...

What are you feeding that boy? Magic beans? He really looks like you in that second picture! So cute. Hope he feels better.