Thursday, December 3, 2009


ya, i've thought about quitting. abandoning the blog. and i still might. but, i just had to share these awesome pictures! don't we look good? (you don't have to agree...)

so check out tanelle's website. she's awesome!

and maybe i'll try to post more of the going-ons of our lives. cuz i'm sure you all are dying to know.


Janetha said...

cute cute cute!!!

Cheri said...

What a great family! I love the pictures! I enjoy keeping up with your family as does Grandma--hope you keep blogging!

Nana Sue said...

darling photos!!! yes keep blogging please since I'm not!!

Corinne said...

Great pictures!

Candi said...

very cute!

Brandon and Alesha said...

Suni, your family pictures are gorgeous! You looked amazing and did such a great job during your 5 minutes of fame(: I made some of the candles--love them!!

Amber! said...

Hi! First time I've seen your blog and I love these pics...where were they done at?

brian said...

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anaxa said...

Nice family.I like this.Thanks.

reta said...

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nice picture

Char lotte said...

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Tamires said...

Pretty :)

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