Wednesday, August 12, 2009

island park 2009

last weekend we headed to island park with 5 other neighborhood families. it was a blast! here are a few photos of the trip. we stayed in an amazing cabin - all 26 of us! it was so fun. we floated the river, went into yellowstone, saw old faithful, ate ice cream, laughed til our sides hurt, fished, ran, biked, froze, celebrated max's birthday and ate amazing food. thanks for a great time!!! definitely a tradition in the making.


Janetha said...

we have got to plan a fam trip!!

Nana Sue said...

Wonder who the little girl is in your fam photo, she only showed us her back! Looks and sounds like a total blast, yes, for sure a family trip!! Love the darling photos xoxox.

lovejoy said...

You've got some really great pictures of the family in this one! I also LOVE the picture of all the kids in that cool tree.

Delloblog said...

Beautiful....I like....

seminar said...
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