Tuesday, July 7, 2009

playing catch up, again.

boy. a lot has happened in the past month. where to begin? june was rainy...didn't feel like summer at all. i really didn't like it. now we're enjoying dry 90+ degree weather. heavenly.

mike spent a week at scout camp. i spent a hellish week at home while he was gone. a sampling of what happened: flooded basement, impromptu birthday party, park with friends, doctor appointment, 3 prescriptions, visiting teaching, haircut, car to shop, taught a stories by me class, did laundry, lawns mowed, house cleaned, pure exhaustion. i was glad when scout camp was over. i needed a breather!

the weekend mike got home my sister and her family arrived from california! then the real fun began.

sunday we enjoyed a yummy gourmet bbq at my mom & dad's house...cooked by chef janetha. amazing. dinner was followed by a fashion show - thanks to neefs leftover garage sale stuff.monday we spent at raging waters. all day. the kids were lobsters and i was so tired. no pictures of that day.

tuesday = lagoon. again, all day. it was so fun! we discovered that luke and izzy LOVE the music express and wanted to ride again and again. they would laugh hysterically. it was so fun! luke was quite the trooper and went on rides i didn't think he'd enjoy. so fabulous. near the end of the night my dad handed out $ for us kids to go on the catapult. oh my. so so so scary. and so fun. i went with mike. janetha and marisa. eric and doug. it was a riot! then right on over to the sky coaster. even more scary...wednesday was a little calmer. we went to the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. i love the temple. and i love being there with my kids. it was a beautiful few hours. my sister and her family headed down to provo for the rest of the weekend.thursday was busy - not sure what i did, but know i was up until 10:30 decorating cupcakes for our fabulous primary teachers! oh ya - i did an inspection for my mom, baked cupcakes, cleaned the house, did laundry and i am sure a handful of other odd jobs.

friday mike took the boys to the cabin to fix some plumbing and tile the bathroom floor. they stayed overnight and gave me a day to myself! once they were off, i was out getting patriotic clothes for our 10k race on saturday when my mom called me. doug and lindsay were at the hospital and the doctors couldn't find a heartbeat for their unborn baby boy. the weekend sort of fell apart after that. their baby (peanut) was to be delivered via c-section on august 11th. peanut didn't make it. friday at 6pm lindsay had the c-section. we are so sad. heartbroken and sick. wondering why. trying to be strong. thankful for the plan of happiness. digging deep for increased faith. praying extra hard for my sweet brother and sister-in-law and izzy. we love you.

with friday's emotions came a sleepless night as we prepared for the freedom festival 10k run saturday morning. but, i was SO proud of myself! i finished. and not only finished, but kept up with my rockin' little sister! it really was fun...and good to be distracted and working out some energy. thanks neef and eric for encouraging me...and not leaving me in the dust!i stayed in provo with my sis for the parade and then headed back home to enjoy a few quiet hours before the boys got back. i stopped at the hospital and had a good visit with lindsay. i love that girl...and am hurting for her.

saturday night we had a fun bbq with our neighbors followed by an amazing fireworks show put on by the boys. seriously. i think mike loses 20 years at these events. it's all good though!sunday was another yummy dinner at the benson house...followed by festive strawberries. yum!yesterday max started swimming lessons - loves it. after swimming we went with the cousins to kangaroo zoo. they had a blast! i don't think max and luke stopped for more than a sip of water. they loved it!after the zoo business we headed up holbrook canyon for an evening hike. it was beautiful and perfect. the boys did great and had fun making wishes and finding beetles.and here we are at today. swimming this morning and then running around here and there. then it was off to see the movie Up with nana sue and the cousins. again, a great time!

what a crazy couple of weeks. and it doesn't stop! late movie tonight with the girls. sewing and jewelry making tomorrow. then thursday we are off on a river trip for 4 days.

it definitely feels like summer now!


Sid said...

all i can say is wow! what a crazy couple weeks! fun, sad, busy, etc. Can you send me pics of the 4th? you got cute ones!

Nana Sue said...

Wahoo, what a terrific recap and I'm sure I can get my fist in my mouth too!! Love that you're making such wonderful memories, thanks Suni xoxoxo!! Mom

lovejoy said...

there's so much to say... first of all, i'm AMAZED at that huge orange janetha was able to fit into her mouth! secondly, marissa's girls are darling, and it must be so much fun having them visiting. your hair looks darling!!! i love those last pictures of you and mike--cute!!!! i can't believe how crazy your summer suddenly became! maybe cabinet doors will happen once school starts?... :)

ermakaluso said...

We had a fun time! You have some great pictures- I haven't even started with my blog...I'm still trying to unpack!

Candi said...

you are a busy lady! we should get our boys together and play they would have a good time together.