Sunday, July 26, 2009

floating the green

i suppose i should continue to document our summer. much has happened and i have been too busy to sit and jot down the happenings. just after the 4th of july m y mother in law and her hubby came to town for a trip down the green river. the plan was to drive to the cabin on thursday, get a good nights rest and begin the float friday morning. we planned on camping on the river for 2 nights and then head back to the cabin sunday. nothing can go as planned, but we had a blast anyway! we floated friday and came back to the cabin to sleep.

saturday we packed up and were all prepared to float all day, sleep on the river bank and then finish the float sunday. we had a pretty laid back float and arrived at our campsite (which we had signed up and paid for on 'the board' like you are supposed to) only to find somebody already camping there. now, there really aren't any options. either you kick them out (which wasn't happening, because they were certain they had reserved the spot 2 weeks ago...) or you keep floating and bag the whole camping idea. we had to keep floating. i was pretty mad. i had planned on camping and the boy were SO excited to camp...but we didn't get to. it was frustrating. we got over it and floated to the end. back to the cabin to cook our tin foil dinners in the oven and make smores over the smokey joe bbq grill. make shift camping, right?

that night max decided to be sick. it was gross. i'll spare the details, but know there was puke and stink. glad we weren't in a tent on the river!

sunday mike ended up taking luke and jake out for another trip down the a section. they loved it! max and i stayed back at the cabin with grandma. we all needed the rest! one more night sleeping at the cabin and we headed home monday.

oh, how could i forget...the air matress i was sleeping on the first night had a hole. we tried to fix it, but i ended up on the floor after about 3 hours. the sewer line broke. we were flushing into the backyard. gross. as we were packing up on monday and cleaning the fresh water main pipe broke. no water. time to leave.

it was an adventure, that's for sure! the kids had a great time and we made the most of some pretty crazy circumstances.

enjoy the pictures. there are a bunch:

***once home, luke was sick. followed by me - for a day. not fun but we survived.***


Janetha said...

sorry about the sickness, i know how that goes. but the trip looked fun! cute photos!

Nana Sue said...

Oh I love the candid shots of the boys, what a fun time! Thanks to those people for "stealing" your campsite or you would have been in the tent with puke and stink!! xoxo