Friday, December 5, 2008

my oh my, how my blog has been completely neglected lately. i really do have lots to post - halloween pictures, thanksgiving festivities, humorous comments from the 5 year old, enrichment night, and plenty of other life happenings. unfortunately i haven't had the time - or rather, i haven't taken the time to download the hundreds of pictures that are on my camera right now. and to make it all delayed even further, we are leaving town this afternoon and heading to the cabin to cut down our christmas tree. sigh. maybe next week i'll catch up. just don't be surprised when you see halloween pictures in january, ok?


ermakaluso said...
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Nana Sue said...

Hey Suni bun, I'm right there with you! We'll wait for the January "blahs" and post happier times huh?!
Love you.

Lawsons said...

i know december is crazy! i am ready for it to be over!