Sunday, December 7, 2008


yep. 242 pictures on my camera that hadn't been downloaded. woah. i'm really behind on life. here are a few highlights:

me putting christmas lights on our house. lucky for me, i learned a great lesson during the process. i put the plug at the wrong end of the house and had to take them all down and put them up again. i'll never make that mistake again. i really don't love getting on the roof. and coming down the ladder is the worst part. but, i was determined and knew mike was busy with other projects in the house, so i decided to do it myself. i had to have him come help for a scary part. while he was up on the roof with me max somehow managed to knock the ladder down. it barely missed him and luke...gave them quite the scare. so there we were, stuck on the roof. our fabulous electrician friend, josh, was in the basement and we had our cell phones with us. we called josh and he was nice enough to put the ladder up so we could get down. what a day.

here is what the kids were doing while i was on the roof and mike was inside. yes, those are leaves in the gutter. crazy boys.

the next week was max's kindergarten mother goose program. it was so fun to go listen to him and his class sing songs, recite nursery rhymes and put on a good show!
and luke continues to be a sneaky little 2 year old. this is what i found one day. he had climbed onto the counter and unrolled the entire roll of paper towels. and was so proud of himself!


Nana Sue said...

Well by my count you still have about 235 more photos to get blogging about, can't wait for the rest!! Love you all.

Tam said...

Very impressive. I love the unrolled paper towel roll. He's got that smile like he's so proud of all the hard work he's done!

Brandy said...

Finally, pictures again! It's amazing how much I missed your boy's cute little faces. I had to laugh when I saw the title of this entry. '242', to me, is a reference from Mason's favorite movie, Alice in Wonderland. FYI 'Rule 242 states that anyone more than a mile high, must leave the courtroom immediately!'. I know, I'm a dork! Glad you're back!

linds said...

the last picture of luke is awesome. i love the sneaky face.

ermakaluso said...

give luke some windex and he'll have your house spotless!