Sunday, October 5, 2008

missing in action

amazing how time seems to fly. i have been busy...but, i am sure, no busier than the next person. i could sit and spill my guts and share how overwhelmed i have been, how frustrated and tired i feel, how i need about 5 more hours in each day, but who wants to hear that? instead, i am just making a note that i am still alive. i am still pounding away day after day. i am still searching for that word balance...if you find it, please send it over to my house. i am grateful that i am busy. thankful i have things to keep me going. happy to have energetic kids to help wear me out through the day so i can sleep at night. glad to wake up to a new day full of whatever it brings...and that (so far) i can take whatever that is. i am one lucky girl. it's just that sometimes i need to be reminded.


janetha b said...

it is nice to be able to take a step back amidst the insanity of what we call life--and realize that although there are never enough hours in a day, at least the hours we do have are pretty amazing. love this post! and you! great seeing you today!

Nana Sue said...

Yes Suni, you ARE one lucky girl!! I am proud and happy to be your mom, there are days I wish I had your youthful energy.....hang in there, you are awesome!!! Hugs and love!

Lawsons said...

im still waiting for the call to help so you can get a much needed massage!