Monday, October 6, 2008


what is his name? michael thomas, miguel the dirty mexican, mike, mikey, dad.

how long have we been married? 7.5 years

how long did we date? first date october 2nd. proposed december 8th. married march 22nd. you do the math.

how old is he? old. really old. 36 - soon to be 37. if you ask him, he's already in his 37th year and is going on 38. strange man.

who eats more? there are days i am sure mike has a hollow leg. other days i think i have one. i bet he wins this one more often though.

who said i love you first? that was totally mike. puttin' on the moves.

who sings better? have you heard mike sing? when he isn't trying, he's ok. i'll have to take the point on this one.

who is smarter? depends. i think i'm pretty smart. and i think mike is pretty smart. perhaps i'm more school smart. mike's more street smart. some of his smarts i'm glad i don't have. and he's probably glad to not have the complex math questions constantly going on in his head like i do. what can i say - i have a thing for numbers. it's a benson thing.

whose temper is worse? i'd like to say mike's, but i'd be lying. me, hands down.

who pays the bills? me.

who does the laundry? me. every monday. and usually thursday. and saturday. except if mike needs something washed he's very good about putting a load in. it's the transferring to the dryer and folding part he sometimes forgets.

who cooks dinner? usually me. at least during the week. mike always cooks on sunday. always. i love it. he's a much better cook than i am!

who drives when together? mike. unless we've gone to see the horses. in that case, mike has contaminated his hands and i don't allow him to touch my steering wheel or sit in the driver seat with horse all over him, so i drive. sometimes if i'm waiting in the car for him, i take control of the drivers seat. all of this is null and void if we are in mike's car. he always drives the classic benz.

who is more stubborn? me! me! me! for sure.

who is the first to admit when wrong? sometimes me. sometimes mike. neither of us are ever wrong. at least that's what we think.

who wears the pants in the family? pass.

who mows the lawn? jake if he's around. mike if he's around. lately it's been me. i actually love mowing the lawn. it's the 'dog poop clean-up before i can mow' that i hate.

who kissed who first? totally mike. again, puttin' on the moves.

who proposed? mike.

what is my favorite thing about him? he's a hard worker, great dad, good example, funny, kid at heart, serious when needs to be, plays hard, good at what he does and loves me. he's my favorite.


Nana Sue said...

Great post and I LOVE the last photo, Luke the "book worm"? Mike you are the very best dad to my ever so handsome grand sons and an even better husband to my beautiful daughter! Thanks for the memories!!! Love you all.

The Heiners said...

I think he's adorable and I've never even met him! That was a very cute post! Can I borrow the outline??

Lawsons said...

Oh mike- what a cutie-