Thursday, July 10, 2008

mom & max

i read about this mama/child interview on this blog and thought it was fun. so i decided to give it a whirl with the boy we named max. here goes:

suni: what does mom always say to you?
max: clean up toys (i better work on more i love you's...)

s: what makes mom happy?
m: saying please & thank you

s: what makes mom sad?
m: hitting

s: how does mom make you laugh?
m: silly faces

s: what was mom like when she was little?

s: how old is mom?
m: 26

s: how tall is mom?
m: 30 (doesn't really get measurements yet, i guess!)

s: what does mom like to do?
m: do computer

s: what is something mom doesn't like to do?
m: not talk to somebody if they're mean

s: what does mom do for a job?
m: cleaning up

s: what is mom's favorite food?
m: macaroni? (one of his, i'm sure)

s: what is mom's favorite color?
m: purple & brown (i think he loves purple and i do like brown!)

s: what do mom and max like to do together?
m: laugh

s: how do you know mom loves you?
m: because i love you so much! because you like me.

sweet boy of mine.


Nana Sue said...

Oh what a wonderful idea, and thanks for posting it, he's a pretty sensitive guy! Glad you love your mama Maxwell! Hugs to you all!

linds said...

cute idea suni, i can't wait for izz to say more words...i am curious to hear what she would have to say to these questions. max is awesome!

janetha b said...

this is hilarious!

lovejoy said...

Cute! Mind if I borrow the idea? I promise I won't look on your paper for the answers...

The Heiners said...

Yup, this was way cute. However, I notice you didn't correct your sweet boy when he said you were 26 yrs. old...highly suspicious, Suni. Ü