Thursday, June 4, 2009

playing catch up

no excuses. i've neglected the blog. and lots of other things, too. here are a few pictures of the going-ons that have happened in our lives.

memorial day at island park.

*fishing under the bridge at mack's inn

*animals at yellowstone

*old faithful

*the hot pots
a fabulous weekend!

then i went on a girls trip to vegas. enough said.

and now back to real life. yard work. last day of school. primary duties. swimming lessons. summer. i love it all!


Janetha said...

there you are! looks like you have been having lots of fun adventures. i like the top photo the most :)

ermakaluso said...

Your girls trip looks fun! I didn't know that Kit went- she isn't in your ward is she? I love the Island Park pictures- you guys are always having some kind of adventure! SEE you soon!

Nana Sue said...

Whew finally!! So glad to share in your awesome adventures - LOVE the big brown buffalo!! And your trip with the gals looks like so much fun!! xoxo

Lawsons said...

so fun! can't wait till the next one!