Sunday, March 22, 2009

happy anniversary

8 years ago i became a mason. well, i'll always be a benson, but now i'm a mason, too. in some ways it seems like we just barely got married. and at other times i have a hard time remembering those first months together. i pulled out some pictures (pre-digital era) and scanned my heart out. so this post will be full of photos for your viewing pleasure.

mike is in california helping take care of his mom this weekend - an emergency trip. although our fun anniversary getaway got cancelled, i am so happy i married a man who will drop whatever he is doing or whatever he has planned to help his family. or anybody in need, really. he's the most kind hearted, accepting and service-oriented person i know. hopefully a little of him is rubbing off on me. i can only hope.

a few memories:

*my dress caused major stress, but was ready just in time. i loved it. i still do.
*the flowers and cake were amazing. i didn't know what the florist was going to do (i gave her my favorites), but i trusted her and loved how things turned out. beautiful.
*it was a chilly march day. sunshiney and perfect.
*our dear friend packed us a yummy lunch to scarf down after the wedding and before the reception. we sat on a curb/bench on temple square and ate.
*you can't tell in the pictures, but mike's leg surgery hadn't gone well and he was limping...even using a cane part of the day. i'll have to break out the vhs of that.
*i didn't get any of the refreshments we served at our reception. we even took leftovers with us when we left. they got left at the hotel. dang. i bet it was good.
*my little brother was serving his mission in italy when we were married. we made sure he was there.
*our former bishop's father-in-law performed the sealing in the salt lake temple. like everybody warned, i don't remember anything he said. i'll never forget the tears streaming down my face and the amazing happiness i felt. that i can't forget.

*the temple was being renovated so we got to make our grand exit through a side building.

*i wore white tennis shoes under my dress and a cute little grandma on temple square didn't think that was appropriate for a bride. and she let me know!

*not only did i become a mason that day, but i became a step-mom, too. one of the hardest things to become overnight, but i wouldn't change a thing.

happy anniversary.


janetha. said...

holy crap i am DYING at these photos. was my hair really partly CRIMPED?!?! hahahah.. at least you look stunning! and mylisa was in the big group photo, THAT is crazy. and the cutout of doug is awesome, i forgot about that. thanks for the trip down memory lane, and happy anniversary to you and mike!

Nana Sue said...

oh my gosh, here I am tears streaming down remembering that great and wonderful time leading up to the wedding, the wedding, reception and just the whole beautiful time, you look SO beautiful then and even more so now!!! Photos are such a treasure, they make us laugh-- they make us cry, but mostly they let us remember that incredible spirit we feel at these awesome events!! Yes, thanks Suni for the trip down memory lane, love and many hugs to you and Mike!!

linds said...

i also loved the trip down memory lane. thanks. hope mike and fam are doing well!

ermakaluso said...

wow. thank goodness i won't have to have any more 6 week postpartum pictures with a newborn! but it is crazy to think that 8 years have already passed! Happy Anniversary!