Sunday, December 14, 2008

santa's #

last night we were trying to get max to stay in bed. this kid has issues with staying in bed...seriously. any tips would be appreciated. anyway, he had come up about 10 times and i started in on the 'santa won't bring you any presents' threat. he didn't seem to buy it at first. i told him i would 'call him right now and tell him you weren't listening and to put your name on the naughty list.' max, very seriously, asked, 'you know santa's cell phone number?!' i tried to hide my giggle and said, 'yes, and i can call him right now!' then max asked me for the number. smart kid. i fibbed my way through that one - saying i couldn't tell him, it was only for parents to know. watching the wheels turn through that kids head was priceless. love this season for the magic.


Aimee said...

Hey - I hope you get emails about people commenting on old posts or you'll never read this idea that I read.

I read this idea in Family Fun magazine about kids who get out of bed often. And thought that it may be something you could try with Max.

Put three pennies (or nickels or whatever coin you choose)on the floor by the base board outside his bedroom door. Tell him he is only allowed to get out of bed three times and make sure he has everything he needs to sleep or comfort himself. Every time he gets up you take a penny back. But whatever money is left there in the morning he gets to keep in his bank or spend.

Just an idea that I thought was creative.