Monday, December 29, 2008

the christmas post

i stole meghan's title. but here it is. mostly just a lot of pictures of the kids doing what they do best.

our impromptu nativity play at uncle steve's house. max was the shepherd, jake was joseph and luke refused to participate. it was good to listen to the christmas story as told in the scriptures...and to take a minute to imagine what it would have been like.
then christmas morning. not much explanation needed here.

after creating a pile of chaos at our house, we ventured up to nana sue & papa randall's house for more festivities.
and later than evening it was on to uncle doug's house for even more food and fun.

christmas was fun...the kids were thrilled and i got what i wanted. a vacuum that really sucks - in the good sort of way. and i'm amazed by what was hiding in my carpets.

hope you had a very merry christmas! and here's to a happy new year. (i better get working on those resolutions.)


Tam said...

Looks like a ton of chaotic fun. I love the stuffed sheep in the nativity. I also think the cross-eyed paci look is cute! Glad you got to enjoy everything!

i'm janetha. said...

haha love the head dresses!

Nana Sue said...

Love the expression on Max's face and the stuffed lamb!! Merry Christmas everyone!

ermakaluso said...

Christmas looks fun! I love seeing pictures so I can feel like I was there...except my Google reader didn't send this to me until today?! Weird. Don't your kids love the beanbags?!