Friday, October 24, 2008

happy day to luke

it's hard to believe that luke was ever this tiny. i mean, look at those little hands...isn't he cute? he's still cute.
today is luke's 2nd birthday. i can't believe it's been 2 whole years. here are just a few things i love about my little lukey:

*he loves to carry stuff around - random stuff. one day it may be a lego piece, the next day it's elmo. sometimes a star wars guy and a train or just a uno card. he's a strange little one. don't fret, he'll always have something (or lots of things) in his hands. (always in addition to 1 or 2 binkies, his blankey and a sippy of chocolate milk.)

*for his birthday he asked for 'snacks' so a box of fruit snacks was bought, wrapped and is being enjoyed this morning.

*he loves to mimic max. like, everything. it can be scary sometimes.

*he is such a good helper - always quick to 'help' put the dishes away or 'help' me take a shower. so thoughtful.

*so silly! his latest is galloping around like a horse. he gallops everywhere. he's a little horse in a kid's body. (maybe he gets that from mike?)

*he loves to laugh. what kid doesn't? but really, he loves to be tickled or do anything to get a laugh going. and his belly laugh is the best!

*the best blue eyes ever.

*he's a tank. i mean, have you seen my boy? barely 2 and can fit in some of max's clothes from last summer! i'm interested to see what the scale says on monday. watch out.

*always quick to give a hug. for no reason he'll find me during the day and give me a huge hug - usually around the leg. then is off galloping to whatever he was doing before.

*such a good sharer - most of the time. when he opened his fruit snacks this morning, he got a package out for him and then one out and handed it to max. awww.

happy happy birthday luke. i love you!

(luke is 18 months old here...2 year old pics coming soon.)


Tam said...

Love, love, love the mo-hawk! I am learning that little boys are so much fun. The galloping is darling! Happy Bday!

linds said...

love you luke! have a happy happy 2nd birthday!

Nana Sue said...

Oh my sweet little (big!) Luke!! Happy happy birth-a-day! You are just the best 2 year old ever!!!!
Love and hugs to you.

The Heiners said...

Can I have him? He and Mason could be best buds! Truly, he's a darling kid. His entire personality sounds just like someone I know....oh, wait, it's YOU! Hu-hu Huppy Birfday, Luke!

ermakaluso said...

Happy Birthday Luke! The girls will call you later to give their traditional singing greeting!

Lawsons said...

happy b-day luke- you are too cute!

Candi said...

So cute...why do they grow up so fast?