Tuesday, July 15, 2008

yay mike!

mike's not used to working for somebody else. not used to reporting to a boss - besides me. because afterall, i am the ultimate boss woman around here. (ya, right.) a new opportunity came up...sort of by accident and well, mike is starting a new job tomorrow! i'm not sure of his official title, but he will be doing what he has been doing - financial planning/asset management - for washington mutual investments. he covers the salt lake valley which includes 15 or so branch locations. he gets to do what he loves and has numerous people helping him along the way. i am excited for this new adventure and for what it means for our family. mike is excited for a change and i know he will hit the ground running and not stop with this one! good job mike. i love you. thank you for working so hard for us!


linds said...

congrats mike. we are excited for you!

Marisa said...

Congratulations Mike!

Nana Sue said...

Wahoo, way to go Mike, sure proud of ya guy!! Love you too!!