Sunday, July 6, 2008

our fourth festivities

we had a great holiday. full of food, fun, friends, fireworks and exhausted kids! our neighborhood has a kid parade in the morning around the block...we almost slept right through it!! (up too late the night before watching fireworks.) anyway, mike was in charge of the camera and managed to take 4 pictures. only one has one of our children in it. oh well. A for effort, right? or not.

max did great in the parade...

here are the lawson's en route

and here's the back of nick's head...nice shot mike!

and ella loving her ride in the wagon! or maybe she's just loving that sucker...

that evening we had a bbq with our friend's the lawson's and bryant's. luke took to the hot dog/toothpick art. no, it wasn't planned or staged. he did this all on his own. i may just have a budding artist on my hands!
after putting the little ones to bed we managed to stay up late enough to set off a few fireworks - thanks to mike for putting on quite the show! i love fireworks...or maybe i just love the smell? either way, i love celebrating and holidays and spending time with friends and family and enjoying lots of good food. we are so blessed to live where we do and enjoy the freedoms we have. hope you had a festive fourth.


Nana Sue said...

What great traditions! Sorry to have missed the parade. Luke is onto something with the toothpicks...I think this could be State Fair material!!!:)
Love you all!

Lawsons said...

It was such a fun day! Glad we got to spend it with you guys. It was a blast even though i had to miss mikes big show!

janetha b said...

im such a slacker on the comments,so many posts! cute photos