Tuesday, July 8, 2008

green trip

i feel like i'm playing catch up...and really, i am! so much has been going on and i haven't taken the time to record it all. mike has asked a number of times if i have put his river trip on the blog? well, today is the day. he isn't here to give me the details, but i have pictures and those will have to do.

mike, cliff (mike's step-dad) and jake set out for a few days of floating and camping along the green river. i always hear how fun these trips are and the pictures are always amazing! when they got home this time i asked mike if he would take me down the river? i always seem to get to stay home with the little kids...they are still to young to tackle this trip. i think mike was surprised and excited that i would actually WANT to go, so next week he and i are headed out to the green. (thanks nana sue for helping with the boys!) i'm sure i'll have much more info to post after than trip than i have for this one. anyway, here are a few pictures from the latest green river expedition:

mike & jake

cliff & his catch
jake the fisherman

a cool tree
jake's still fishing...

is this camp?
another cool tree. i love that mike loves cool trees and takes pictures of them. i love them too.

a little choppy

hopefully i survive our adventure down the green and hopefully mike isn't too bothered by having a girl on the trip! i'm excited and am sure to learn much...


lottery raffle said...
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Nana Sue said...

Wow, that last photo is SO awesome!! You'll have a blast and so will Mike! Love you all!