Friday, June 6, 2008


it cannot be true...cannot be happening. i am afraid that luke is trying to get rid of taking a nap. what!?! he's only 19 months old. i should have at least 6 more months of good napping afternoons, right? i mean, max was 2 before he ditched the napping deal. luke has something up his sleeve. today is the second day in a row of his refusal to sleep away the afternoon. i would love a reason to lay down in a dark room for a few hours and snooze...why can't he see it that way? maybe because he knows max is home and playing and having much more fun. he can't stand to miss out. oh luke. i guess i should remember how well he sleeps at night and be grateful for that. don't get me wrong, i'm not totally convinced of the no-nap deal. we'll give it another shot tomorrow.

edit***maybe i spoke a bit too soon. shortly after posting the above riff raff about no naps, luke was found downstairs whining. he walked me into his room and reached for his bed. how's that for turning over a new leaf!? i am thrilled he is now soundly resting. too bad i'll have to wake him to go get mike from the airport. at least he'll have more of a nap than he did yesterday. yay.


Lawsons said...

dont give up!!! We need those couple hours of peace! Even if it's only for a few more months. I hope he is just going through a short phase!

Marisa said...

Sofi did that for awhile...every other day napping...and now it is more not napping than I understand!! Naptime used to mean mommy time and now my time is at night when they are so exhausted from no naps.

Nana Sue said...

Well soak up the days he does nap! I agree, give me a dark, cool room, a snuggly blankey and wow, I'd be conked out in no time!!
Love you all!

linds said...

ditto to all mentioned above. nap time at our house is really special. no one should mess with that.