Sunday, June 29, 2008

i'm tired

my oh my, we have had a hectic week. hectic can be good and bad, you know. my sister (that brilliant one) and her girls are in town, which has been a blast. cherry hill one day, raging waters another...going to the fountains at gateway, the church history museum and a movie is on the calendar for tomorrow. we also have had mike's family in town for a nephew's wedding. throw on top of that the fact that mike has been swamped at work, trying to get ready to leave town on a river trip, searching everywhere for clothes to wear for family pictures next week, going to the bountiful farmer's market and spending way too much money on pvc pipe toys for the boys, having only one car because we still haven't bought a replacement vehicle for mike...well, things have been hectic. one night mike had to go back to work and didn't get home until almost 3am. gratefully, the wedding is over, family is still here (which is fun), mike made it on the river trip and will come home in time for family pictures, which will be fabulous because everyone finally has something to wear. whew. i have no pictures to post because mike has my camera on said river trip. i told him i wanted to download the pics i had taken before he left. well, that didn't happen and i am hoping that my camera makes it home safe so i don't lose this past week's photos.

this next week should be slightly less hectic, but still full. movie tomorrow, swimming on tuesday, family pictures wednesday, family leaving thursday or friday, 4th of july celebrations, hopefully finding a car to buy, mike getting home from his trip, new windows being installed (more on that later, i'm sure), and maybe then i'll find time to vacuum my basement? summer is fabulous. i always think that it will be the time to relax and soak in all the sunshine. i'm soaking in plenty of sunshine, but the relaxing hasn't happened yet. perhaps i'll find time for that in a few weeks.


Nana Sue said...

Wow, lots of busy stuff happenin' and a bucket load of fun!! Love you guys!