Sunday, June 15, 2008

happy dad's day

mike is a fabulous dad. his boys love him and i love him. mike has always always always wanted a horse. so when the chance to "take" a horse from a friend came up, mike was giddy. if you know me very well you know that i really really really don't like horses. it could be something to do with the allergy i have for the animals. i can't be around a person who has been around a horse. i get all puffy and sneezy and stuffy. it's yucky. mike came and told me of the opportunity to get ricky (that's the horse) should have seen the look in his eyes. kid in a candy store? even better. how could i say no to that? fulfill a lifelong dream and not have to pay anything up front? happy father's day mike.

why mike's a great dad:

*he's still just one of the boys.

*loves to get down on the ground and roll around

*let his boys clobber him in a water fight last night

*takes his family fishing, camping, and now, riding

*has those tough talks...

*is a great example of service

*loves me

*teaches honesty, integrity and respect by the way he lives

*is a really hard worker

*plays really hard too

*makes memories with his boys

*always up for a new adventure

i love you mike. thank you for being such a great dad!


linds said...

happy fathers day mike, you are a great dad...always having an adventure with your boys.

janetha b said...

hahah oh ricky. he is cute. it is too bad you cant go for a gallop yourself suni!

Lawsons said...

i agree mike is a great dad- and a pretty good hubby too! And look at that horse- Mike looks so happy-I guess that makes it worth it right?

Michael said...

KUDO's to my wonderful wife for supporting me in a dream!Over time who knows maybe she will get a little tolerance to the horse allergies and be able to ride with me. Love you tons Mike

Marisa said...

Mike looks totally in his element. What a great post for him!