Saturday, June 21, 2008

it finally happened!

because most of you know i am the enrichment leader in my ward and know a bit of what has gone into this event, i thought i had better share some pictures and commentary on the whole deal. it all started the middle of may. i was thinking to myself...i know we have an enrichment night scheduled soon...i'm pretty sure it's sometime in june. i better check. sure enough. june 4th was the scheduled day. i had 2 weeks to pull together something for the entire ward relief society. hmmm. i turned to simple natural resources. we'll have a summer garden party! i quickly pulled a committee together, had invitations made and delivered, got some fun ideas for food and googled a few decor options. this would be fabulous and easy! i got everything ready, made decorations, planned a menu, yada yada yada. we were ready. well, the weather decided to storm on june 4th. we moved it to june 11th - again, storm in the forecast. here we are, june 21st, the first day of summer and it went off without a hitch...amazing! finally!

here are a few pictures of the food, decorations, etc. i got called martha more than once and some people were amazed at my cupcake skills. well, i'm not martha and i'm no culinary genius...i just copy others creative ideas and voila! it sure makes me look good! an extra thanks goes out to those who, at the last minute, dropped what they had and helped put sandwiches together and make this all happen. another thank you to season's four landscape guru tony lawson for coming and sharing landscape and gardening tips. i think we could have listened to ideas and tips all day long! and a big thanks to a good friend for letting us hold our party in her beautiful backyard. it was grand.

in addition to tony's gig, we had each person bring a brown paper bag with something that shared a little bit of who they are. these were done secretly so nobody knew whos bag was whos. we spent some time opening the bags and guessing who it little get to know you game. it was fun to learn about who loves watermelon, who is obsessed with planning and time, somebody who loves to read, another who loves quilting.

ok - so that was a lot of pictures. next time maybe i'll figure out how to put together one of those collage deal-e-os. overall it was a wonderul summer garden party and i am glad we finally got to make it happen!


Nana Sue said...

Holy cow Suni Martha is right!! It really could be right out of a mazagine :)!! You are TOTALLY amazing! It looks so perfect and I loved that you had so many photos! Now relax and enjoy the rest of the summer!! Love you!!

linds said...

holy crap suni, you should be a party planner...everything looks amazing. great job!

Lawsons said...

Okay dido on the Martha- You are my Martha- I know i can come to you with any idea and you can pull it together perfectly! It was fun and delicious!

lovejoy said...

I hate to copy what everyone else said about Martha, but it was my first thought when I saw the pictures too. Before I saw any comments. WELL DONE!! But do you do anything half-heartedly? The only complaint I have with Martha (well, maybe not the only complaint...) is that I automatically think of Kmart. You are safe, tho. No Kmart when I'm thinking of Suni!