Saturday, May 31, 2008

you're fired

yesterday max was playing over at a friend's house. this friend is a couple of years older and there were a number of kids all playing together. it ended up, as things usually do when max is at this friend's house, that max came running home in tears explaining how the kids were hitting him and being mean. i'd have reason to question that claim if it was the first time. but, experience has taught me that max is usually telling the truth in this situation, unfortunately. we sat down to talk about it and max said, "E is fired." i agreed and said, ok. max went on to explain, "E is fired. we need to build a fire at our house and throw him in!"
i snickered at the innocence of max - fire and fired...easily confused. we tried to explain but it did no good. for now, max has fired E and for now that's ok with me.


Nana Sue said...

That Max is a thinker! He can certainly hold his own! Love you Maxwell Mason!!

janetha b said...

hahaha i kind of like the idea of throwing people in the fire... well at least SOME co workers :) (no not marshall) max is funny

Lawsons said...

Oh poor max. he is such a cutie- He can come play with ella anytime he wants, as long as he doesnt mind dollies!