Friday, May 23, 2008

shower in style

i've been painting the past two days. i finally got sick of my bathroom cabinet being gross, not having a handle and not able to close. i took the door down, stripped all the paint off, patched the holes, sanded it, primed it and gave it 2 new coats of paint. it looks marvelous. unfortunately i now need to update the rest of the bathroom to give it all that wonderful new look. so, i'm turning to color. i need to paint the walls a color and in looking for inspiration i turned to shower curtains. here are a few options:

the first two are from anthropologie, of course and beautiful. i found the polka dot one here. while browsing anthropologie i came across this lovely as well...(it's a bathmat.)

i'm not really any closer to choosing a paint color. in fact, i'm probably more indecisive now that i've found so many options. input anyone? or if you have any suggestions on where to look...pass them along!


Nana Sue said...

Well I am even more indecisive than you (you got that gene from me :( sorry!) I really like them all. Perhaps the polka dotted one is a little more jazzy. Your door and cupboard looked great, you are a fine "handy-woman" you also got that gene from me :) now that's something to smile about!!

Marisa said...

Wow, you have been busy! I love all of them, too. I would probably go with the polkadots because it brings in some color and would work with all those boys in your house. Target always has great choices- and you know that I love Target!

Aims said...

I love the polka-dot one. I think matching the either the green or the aqua would make a very happy but relaxing bathroom. Good luck on deciding.