Tuesday, April 22, 2008

if you build it...they will come

i was beginning to think that my mom was ready to disown me for not updating my blog. so mom...here is an update. and sorry for taking so long! i've been recovering from the exhaustion explained in my last post. haha. so today max and luke were showing off their building skills.
i was pretty impressed with luke's balancing act. i'm pretty sure there's a smile under that binky. he was too busy showing off his mini tower.

and max posing next to his color coordinated towers. with his annie dog, of course.

so there you go mom. a new post! the boys built it...and you came to see!


Marisa said...

This green layout is my old one! It was weird to come over to your blog and feel like it was mine. It looks like you got your links figured out, too! Fun towers- I think blocks are a classic toy that kids will play with no matter how old they get!

Nana Sue said...

Wahoo!! Thanks a ton, love to see my boys in action, they are the best!! Max's cheesy grin is great!! Love the new blog look too!

janetha b said...

um suni. that was weak. i have been waiting forever to see something from you and you dont even write anything! haha thats ok, lukes tiny tower made me giggle so you get 4 out of 5 stars this time :) see you tonight!!

linds said...

i love that max's towers are color coded. he is a man after my own heart...(is that how the saying goes?)