Tuesday, February 26, 2008

she's 33!

my big sis is 33 today. i thought i'd share 33 reasons she's the best big sister in the whole world:

1*she is smart

2*has the greatest hair - wash and go style!

3*amazing ability to research and find out anything about anything

4*great big beautiful brown eyes

5*always shares wonderful advice

6*says it how it is


8*great smile

9*gave me the greatest nieces!

10*determined with everything she does

11*inspiration for me to try body for life - she looks GREAT!

12*wealth of knowledge

13*memory of an elephant

14*has more friends than you can imagine

15*succeeds at everything - or fakes it really well



18*willing to take care of a friend's pet - for a whole month!

19*technologically savvy

20*gives me somebody to look up to


22*extremely laid back

23*good at losing things...and sometimes finding them

24*her ability of losing things makes me look organized to the rest of the family -- thanks for making me look so good!

25*a great friend

26*did i mention smart?

27*an example of all those things you want to be...she is all of those

28*m&ms stuck in her upper lip on the drive to idaho

29*ability to make friends and then keep them for years

30*amazing testimony


32*beautiful heart

33*somebody i can strive to be like someday

thanks marisa for being such a great sister, example and amazing friend. i love you. happy 33rd.


Marisa said...

I CANNOT believe you posted that wonderful picture of me!!! Thanks for all of the nice things. Number 33 should have said something like, just kidding, this isn't really her. You are too nice! Love you!

suni said...

i knew you'd love that photo! i couldn't find any others of just you...thanks for forgiving me! :)

linds said...

dido! (nice work suni) happy birthday and love you risa!

janetha b said...

agreed! hey i think me posting no photo is better than suni's sweet shot she's got up of you. aww. good times indeed. love ya risa!

Nana Sue said...

Ditto to all 33!! What a neat tribute to your sister!! Love you!